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Deals & Cases | 09 May 2017

Happy childhood village

Froriep is proud to advise the Philippe Hatem Foundation for a Happy Childhood, based in Geneva, Switzerland, and its network on charity law, governance and tax issues.

The purpose of the Philippe Hatem Foundation for a Happy Childhood (HCF) is to offer every child the opportunity to enjoy a happy and balanced development, surrounded with affection and respectful of his personality, his talents, and his safety, so that his destiny becomes a smile won in the face of adversity.

One of the main Happy Childhood initiatives is the Happy Childhood Village in the Republic of Tanzania. With their local partner, the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha – Tanzania, they are developing the concept of a village, providing basic necessities, protection, health care, education, training and recreation to children of the region.

The modern and environmentally friendly open architecture of the village is designed to benefit resident children as well as the neighboring communities through a school, rehabilitation center, workshops and recreation facilities that will be open to non-resident children. The social center will also provide much needed services in family planning, health, nutrition and socio-psychosocial support.

Every program and facility within the Happy Childhood Village will be operated by a local partner with the support of HCF and world-class technical partners and advisors. The impact of the various activities of the Happy Childhood Village will be measured continuously. Starting with the village in Tanzania, the hope of the HCF is to adapt, replicate and implement the Happy Childhood Village concept in different places in the world.

The FRORIEP team involves partners Jean-Marie Vulliemin and Julie Wynne.

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