Your career with Froriep

A career at Froriep follows a clearly defined 5 + 3-year time line (called the “career path”). This means that after five years, a lawyer is eligible for appointment as a partnership candidate. The career path reflects the partnership’s experience of how long it usually takes a lawyer to develop the skills required to become a partner.

In the last year of the initial five-year period, lawyers are encouraged to prepare their business plan, which they develop with the support of their mentor partner. The business plan is then submitted to the partners, who decide whether the lawyer shall become eligible for equity partnership and, if so, shall enter the so-called “pipeline”.

For lawyers who are promoted into the pipeline, after three years (and, thus, after an aggregate term of eight years) a firm decision is made about election to equity partnership, which is always subject to a qualified majority approval by the partners. During this entire period of time, regular discussions with the associate’s coaches (acting as mentors) and the partners provide the associate with a fair and focused indication of his or her level of performance. This can lead to variations from the career path, i.e. to acceleration or delay in a lawyer’s career with us. Once lawyers have been made equity partners they enjoy full voting right and a fair share in the profits from the first year onwards.

Equal treatment is a fundamental principle at Froriep, although a lawyer’s actual development will always depend on the individual. We have a proven track record in ensuring that our lawyers can pursue their career at Froriep successfully and enjoy a family and private life at the same time.

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How do we think?
We see ourselves as companions to our clients, not just lawyers, because we believe we serve the client best by thinking with the client.

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