Froriep News | 24 Jul 2019

FRORIEP – Sponsor of ASA General Meeting & Conference | 13 September 2019

FRORIEP is proud to sponsor the ASA General Meeting and Conference on “The Price-Quality Equation – Arbitrating Small and Medium Value Claims”. The organisation of the event is co-chaired by Jean Marguerat, Partner. The Conference will take place at the Hotel Bellevue Palace in Bern, on 13 September 2019.

The Conference will be divided in three parts: first, a discussion on the challenges faced by parties and practitioners in small and medium value claims and a presentation of possible solutions. Second, the panel will address the users’ expectations and available options for dispute management and resolution before and once the dispute arises (drafting of arbitration clauses, ADR, early case assessment). Finally, the third panel will focus on how best to shape the arbitral proceedings and find the right balance between due process, fair treatment and efficiency.

Click here for more information and to register.

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