Talks & Lectures | 27 May 2021

Polia Rusca – Speaker at the Webinar “The EU Whistleblower Directive” | 10 June 2021

Senior Associate Polia Rusca will be a speaker at a webinar organised by ELA (Employment Law Alliance) on the topic “The EU Whistleblower Directive – a status update and practical considerations for employers in Europe”. The webinar will take place on 10 June 20021 at 3 pm. The EU Whistleblower Directive sets a legal framework of minimum standards to provide whistleblowers with greater protection. The deadline for EU member states to incorporate this legislation into national law is December 17, 2021. In this special session, an update will be provided on the implementation process in several EU countries including France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Alternate views from non-EU countries such as Switzerland and Turkey will also be offered. What does all this mean for employers across Europe?

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What is our ethos?
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