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Deals & Cases | 31 May 2021

FRORIEP accompanied Iconic Funds in the launch of the Iconic Funds Physical Bitcoin ETP at SIX

FRORIEP is proud to have accompanied Iconic Funds in the launch of its Iconic Funds Physical Bitcoin ETP (Ticker: XBTI) at SIX. FRORIEP advised Iconic Funds on the entire listing process at SIX, including the admission of the new issuer Iconic Funds BTC ETN GmbH, and the listing of the Iconic Funds Physical Bitcoin ETP in USD and CHF. The Iconic Funds Physical Bitcoin ETP tracks the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and is 100% physically backed by Bitcoins stored in cold storages of regulated crypto custodians with additional third party insurance.

Iconic Funds BTC ETN GmbH is a joint-venture of Iconic Holding GmbH and publicly-listed Cryptology Asset Group Ltd. Launched in 2019, Iconic Funds’ mission is to drive the adoption of crypto assets. As the bridge for investors to gain exposure to crypto assets, Iconic’s licensed and regulated vehicles offer investors a menu of investment choices ranging from passive index exposure to actively-managed strategies.

The FRORIEP team consisted of partners Mark Montanari and Ronald Kogens.

Download the SIX press release.
Download the Iconic Funds – Iconic Holding press release.

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