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Deals & Cases | 16 Jun 2021

FRORIEP accompanied VanEck in the launch of its VanEck Vectors Exchange Traded Products (ETP) Program at SIX

FRORIEP is proud to have accompanied VanEck ETP AG and VanEck (Europe) GmbH in the launch of the VanEck Vectors Exchange Traded Notes Program at SIX. FRORIEP advised VanEck on the entire listing process for the multicurrency listing of the VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN (Ticker: VBTC) and the VanEck Vectors Ethereum ETN (Ticker: VETH) at SIX, including the admission of VanEck ETP AG as new issuer of exchange traded products. The VanEck ETP’s provide investors with exposure to the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum without having to buy the crypto currencies themselves whilst the ETP’s are fully collateralised by the underlying cryptocurrencies stored in cold storage at a regulated crypto custodian.

The New York-based investment management firm VanEck has a history of looking beyond the financial markets to identify trends. They were one of the first asset managers to offer investors access to gold investing in 1968, emerging markets in 1993, and Exchange Traded Funds in 2006.

The FRORIEP team consisted of partners Mark Montanari and Ronald Kogens.

Press release SIX
Press release VanEck

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